Experience Sakura Bana

Serving authentic Japanese food in Omaha, NE. We are open for dine-in and take out under COVID-19 guideline.


We’ve been around for a while – since 1989 – At Sakura Bana, we believe in honoring and sharing traditional  and authentic Japanese food with the world. 

Our restaurant is designed to take diners on a culinary expedition through their senses. Whether you join us at the restaurant or dine at home, we hope you enjoy our cuisine that is firmly-rooted in Japanese culinary tradition while adapting to the times.

Ikuo Asanuma


Tony Asanuma

Head Chef & Owner


 Since 1989, Tony went to great extremes and constantly challenged himself by asking questions about what would fulfill his vision of making Japanese food the world-treasured cuisine it is today. In decades, Tony had never given up his belief in presenting the freshest and the finest to his customers. Tony believing in choosing high quality of food and add extra care to the ingredient before serving to customer.

Regardless of the efforts, he insisted on importing in the freshest fish and ingredients from the origin and handle them with great Japanese techniques. Tony and his team have created a unique and intimate dining experience that honors the Japanese tradition and the art of the knife. Like craftsmen and artists with a practiced hand.

Sakura Bana 

Enjoy the traditional Japanese food at Sakura Bana. One of the very first Japanese restaurant in Omaha, NE. We serve a wide selection of traditional sushi dishes, sashimi and noodle. Looking forward to serving you soon!